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About Us

ProCelle is a family owned and operated company in the upper midwestern part of the USA.  Our family finds great solutions to problems we face and we thought why not share our successes with our friends, family and neighbors like you. We want our family to live healthy lives. Our goal is to be good stewards of the world around us. Therefore, we use and offer products that meet these simple standards. 

As a family company, we strive to maintain a personal, reachable approach with our customers. We believe the customer is the backbone of the company. So we want to maintain an open relationship with you. We want our customer to confidently share the product with others knowing their friends and family will be treated well.


We offer a wide range of products that we have found to be very helpful to us. We continue to add more products every year.

Bugs N All Vehicle Cleaner - Bug Remover

Since we love to go camping, We found a product called Bugs N All. A wonderful vehicle cleaner that turns bug gut into mush for very easy cleanup. Check this product out. Click HERE

WellnessOne - Liquid vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes

 To put these products into perspective. Our bodies require essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes to survive. Since our survival is really important to us. It probably is to most people. We have found these nutrients highly effective. 

ProSol Works - All Purpose Household Cleaner

We want our kids to understand what it means to be a team player. More importantly, we want our kids to be a valuable member in society.  We wanted to find a product that the kids can use to help clean and maintain the house. When we developed ProSol Works we found it hit the mark on every level. Prosol Works is an exceptionally good all purpose cleaner to have around home, business and shop.

Being Natural and Green

We strongly believe in the power of renewing, reusing and conserving the resources we have. That is one of the reasons why we offer concentrated cleaning solutions and concentrated mineral supplements. We include reusable spray bottles by providing 100% recyclable plastics and sprayers.

We have policies and methods in place to make sure our product and packaging remain Eco-Friendly. While our formulation is a secret, we promise there are no harsh chemicals, no petroleum distillates, no toxins, no ammonia in any of our products. We make only environmentally safer products that is biodegradable and non flammable. 

We really want to make a difference in protecting our world. We want to help make people's lives easier by providing great effective products that work better than any other. By doing that we are committed to making products the whole family can use.

Once Tried, Always Used! It Works!

We believe that if we can’t say; “Once Tried, Always used! It Works!”  For every product we offer, then there is no reason to offer it to our customers.  Therefore, every product in our store has been tested by us as a quality product that works well for our family.  We are confident, you’ll love these products too.