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$ 429.95 $ 499.95
$ 429.95 $ 499.95

Quality Poly Furniture - This Polywood Adirondack chair is sturdy, good quality, and very comfortable. The perfect height for around the campfire, beside the pool, or just hanging out at the beach. A modern Adirondack chair, furniture for your y... Read More

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In our modern world, it seems like everything we buy is built to be replaced as soon as possible. Despite how advanced technology is, it seems like every product survives for less time than the last version of it.

This used to be reserved for phones and other technology, but now it has come for other daily items. This includes your furniture.

Chairs that rot and break easily, desks that don't support the slightest of weights, and other such products are frequently advertised as “revolutionary”.

That practice is distasteful and dishonest, something Procelle is strictly against.

This is why we have taken a step back, into a different time and place.

The Amish are simple people, with simple lifestyles and strong traditions. This includes craftsmanship that is passed down for several generations.

It is a community untouched by the obsessive buying culture we have in the modern world. And because of that, the things they craft are made to stand the test of time.

We are bringing the work of these timeless craft masters into your life. You won’t have to worry about poorly-built furniture anymore.

It all starts with this high-quality, long-lasting chair.